Scottish couple appeal to trace hit-and-run driver who caused £1,000 damage


A Scottish couple are appealing for the public’s help to trace a hit-and-run driver who caused over £1,000 damage after Police failed to retrieve CCTV footage.

Katrina Logie, 32 from Motherwell was attending an appointment at Carluke Community Health Centre, South Lanarkshire on Friday December 14 when her £15,000 Suzuki Vitara bought 6 weeks ago was damaged by an elderly woman driving a Volkswagen Tiguan.

Katrina’s dash cam started recording at the point of first impact, the driver then reverses and drives back into the space hitting the vehicle for a second time.

The force of the impact can clearly be heard and moments later the woman in her 70s, with grey hair, glasses and a red jacket appears in view walking towards the building with hand bag under her arm.


When Katrina returned to the car an hour later and noticed the damage the unidentified woman had already left.

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Unfortunately, the registration number of the vehicle is not visible on footage, and the woman did not leave her details or notify any staff about the collision.

The devastated couple were told by staff at the practice on Friday (21st) that CCTV footage is over written on a 7-day cycle, meaning all hope to trace the driver and her vehicle is all but lost.

Although the incident was reported to the Police the same day, the officer investigating only met Katrina and her husband Craig, 42 yesterday – 8 days later to collect the footage and photos of damage.


Katrina posted a image of the driver on Facebook appealing for information, she said: “Last Friday (14/12/2018) at 9:19am my car was parked at Carluke Health Centre. This person has hit my car, *twice*, whilst attempting to park next to me and then simply walked away (and then drove away upon returning to the car). Dash cam footage uploaded (when viewed on laptop /pc you can actually see the car shaking and even on the phone you can hear the thump quite well).

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“I have now had the damage assessed and my car will need new driver’s door (the anti-intrusion beam in the door is likely damaged) and paint job. Unless I get this person’s details, I’ll need to pay – something I simply cannot afford to do. This isn’t witch hunt, I’m not looking for anything else but just her details so that I can pass them on to the insurance company.

“I have only just had a car accident on 22nd October, when I was rear-ended, and my old car was written off. I’m feeling really stressed and still suffering aftermath of the first accident. Please, please help me identify this person.

“If you’d rather not share the drivers details directly with me – PM me and I’ll provide you with the details of my insurance company and you can contact them directly without giving me any further information.”


The popularity of dash cams is at an all-time high and Parking Mode is a common feature on most.

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With built in G-Sensor technology if impact is detected the device begins recording a 2-minute protected file, if no further physical movement is detected it will then enter standby mode.

Failure to report an accident is an offence under Section 170 Road Traffic Act 1988, if you have not stopped and exchanged details.

Failing to stop and report both carry 5-10 penalty points. In instances where both offences occur from the same accident, then the court usually treat the offences as happening on the same time.


Drivers could be sent to prison for up to six months if they failed to stop & someone was severely injured during the accident.