Van driver loses control and careers head-on into family travelling in opposite direction


Heart-wrenching footage shows the moment a van driver lost control and careered head-on into a family travelling in opposite direction.

The two-vehicle collision on an unnamed road near Newmiln in Perthshire happened on Sunday December 23 at 4.03pm.

Grant Donaldson was driving home to Tibbermore with his partner Louise Thomson and their three-year-old daughter. He has released the footage to highlight the dangers of driving in icy conditions.

Just three seconds had elapsed from when the Laddaw liveried white van first came into view and the moment of impact.


The vehicle came around the right-hand bend in the middle of the road, at which point the driver lost control and the van slid sideways – he managed to regain control, but it was too late.

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Sophie who was fast asleep in the back of the silver Range Rover immediately woke up screaming, fortunately Grant and Louise were able to get out vehicle quickly to check she is safe.

She was later checked over by doctors at Nine Wells Hospital in Dundee, and apart from some bruising from the car seat harness she was uninjured.

Grant injured his neck and back, and Louise had bruised chest and knees, sore neck and compressed vertebrae in her spine.


Louise, 38, posted an update on Facebook later in the evening: “Just home from Ninewells, all ok!

“Sophie’s fine, some marks from the car seat harness but nothing to worry about.

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“Grants got a sore head, back and neck. I’ve ended up with bruised chest and knees, sore neck and compressed vertebrae in my spine – I’ve lost height and my car!”

Speaking today Grant, 44 said: “The road was very icy with black ice, I never drove above 35mph as it was too dangerous to go any faster.


“We had already driven on the road earlier in the afternoon and saw a van on its roof in a field – so I knew the road was treacherous.

“The van driver denied speeding, he said it wasn’t his fault and wasn’t aware the road was icy. Once he realised the incident had been recorded on dash cam, he refused to talk to us.”

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Edmund King, AA president, said: “The lesson in this frighting footage is that road conditions can be treacherous even when they look tranquil.

“When temperatures drop below freezing you don’t need snow and visible ice to make the roads dangerous. All drivers should drive to the conditions and that often means driving well below the speed limit to compensate for the weather and type of road. You don’t need snow for drivers to go slow.”


A spokesman for Police Scotland said: “Police Scotland attended a 2-vehicle road traffic collision on the unclassified road between Madderty and Tibbermore shortly after 4pm on Sunday 23rd December.

“Although some of the persons involved were taken to hospital, there were no serious injuries.”