Impatient van driver narrowly avoids crash with tractor on A92


Police Scotland are investigating a shocking video showing an impatient van driver narrowly avoiding crashing into a tractor – by undertaking a car at over 60mph.

The Forth Buildings and Maintenance driver was filmed just moments from causing a fatal collision on the A92 Westbound, between Kirkcaldy West and Lochgelly in Fife, last week.

Dash cam footage shows the driver starting out in the left hand lane and speeding up to around 70mph – despite a slow moving tractor being visible just metres ahead.

A silver car is shown in the right hand lane but instead of slowing down and indicating to go behind the car, the van driver speeds up.


It then barging its way over to the right hand lane in front of the car – squeezing just inches between the tractor and the car.

The motorist in the silver car is then forced to brake heavily to avoid crashing into the back or even side of the van.

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The footage obtained by SWD Media is now being investigated by Police Scotland.

Scott Lauder, the driver who captured the dashcam footage, said: “I flashed driver out in front of me, but he decided to speed up, undertake, narrowly miss a slow moving tractor, and cut in front of car in front causing them and me to brake sharply, all whilst driving at between 60 and 70 mph in the wet.


“It was raining this morning and at speeds of 60/70 mph, I don’t know how there wasn’t a crash.”

A Police Scotland spokeswoman said: “Police Scotland was made aware of footage detailing a possible dangerous driving incident on the A92 on Tuesday, August 29.

“Inquiries into the circumstances are ongoing.”