Road rage motorist stopped vehicle in outside lane to confront another driver

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A road rage motorist has been filmed stopping his vehicle in high-speed traffic on a dual carriageway and jumping out in outside lane to confront driver..

The disturbing incident happened amid road works on the heavily congested approach to the Forth Road Bridge near Edinburgh.

The driver, who is believed to have been infuriated by the motorist in front observing the 40mph limit, recklessly undertakes, swerves in front and then emergency brakes.

As traffic roars past on the inside lane, he gets out to confront the driver of the dash cam vehicle. But on realising he’s being filmed, the driver backs down and drives off.


The incident happened during the early evening rush hour on March 15 amid traffic heading south towards the bridge on the A90.

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A black 4×4 Jeep CRD can be seen on the left suddenly pushing in front and illegally undertaking.

The dash cam car can heard holding the horn down as the Jeep comes within inches of hitting both the dash-cam car and the silver van.

After the dangerous manoeuvre the 4×4 then slams on the brakes forcing the car behind to nearly hit into the back of it, stopping traffic.


As the Jeep driver gets out of his vehicle, the horrified dashcam driver turns the camera towards the approaching motorist.

He can be heard telling the Jeep driver: “Are you trying to cause an accident? It’s a 40mph speed limit, do you understand that? Get in your car and move. Before I phone the police. The average is 40 you clown.”

© SWD/Deadline News

The video was captioned: “Just before the Forth Road Bridge 15:50 15/03/2017. This clown nearly killed me…..BOTH lanes are 40mph, there are no fast / slow / overtaking on this route.”

A spokesman for Scotland’s Worst Drivers said: “This driver’s reckless manoeuvre had the potential to cause a serious collision, and to then stop and get out of his vehicle in the outside lane is just insane.


“I urge the Police to recognise the seriousness of this incident, and to trace the driver to address the offences committed.”

Construction work is currently on-going on the road as the new Queensferry Crossing is completed and 40mph average speed cameras are in operation along a five mile stretch of the A90 between Dunfermline and Dalmeny, Edinburgh.

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