Shocking CCTV footage released by shop keeper of 30 incidents of theft from his store


A shop keeper has released shocking CCTV footage of over 30 incidents of theft or attempted theft from his store in Glasgow.

Patrick Akram has run the MK Newsagents on Craigton Road in Govan for the past 14 years, and started keeping records of those he caught red handed six years ago.

Patrick, 33 said: “Shoplifting isn’t really a regular occurrence – occasionally it happens.

“Then for months its quiet and I might catch one or two in one week.


“Customers regularly come in and have a chat about the videos, some find it hilarious, however most are shocked at the actions of people they know locally.”

In the latest incident on Tuesday, a middle-aged man walked into the shop and helped himself to a pint of milk and then walked straight out the shop 33-seconds later without paying.

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Bizarrely, when confronted outside the shop he pulled out notes and coins from his pocket to pay for the 59 pence carton.

Last month a man with the munchies got caught trying to steal smoky bacon crisps, he was very agitated at the counter and the bag that was sticking out his pocket was retrieved before he left.


Other items customers have been caught with are chocolate and deodorant, and one man got soaked after he failed to get away with an umbrella down his trousers.

The serial offender is a woman and has been caught three times.

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First time she tried to hide two packs of soft mints in her knickers, second time bottles of Lucozade and a Mars Duo in her hand bag that she then dropped onto the floor – and the third time she was left sitting in the dark as her plan to get away with a light bulb was foiled.

Shockingly, one lady even stole a creme egg when the shop keeper had his back turned to grab her a packet of cigarettes from the shelf behind him.


When confronted about it she says: “What, what eggs? I’ve put nothing in my f*****g pocket.

“I’m no shoplifter Akram.”

In the final clip a man stole a cake and walked out the shop with his thumb up, however he got a thumbs down when he returned the next day and he found out he was barred.

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When asked if the incidents are reported, Patrick said: “We used to in the past, but the Police do not turn up until a week or sometimes two weeks later – by that time it’s too late to do anything.”


Several customers have been caught trying to steal jars of mussels, making them the most popular item punters are not willing to pay for.

Police Scotland statistics show that in the Greater Glasgow division there were 1,942 recorded shoplifting offences, the largest in the country from April to August.

Edinburgh had 1,556 reported and Lanarkshire 1,339.