Reckless motorist weaves in and out of traffic at speed on Scotland’s busiest motorway


A reckless motorist has been caught on camera weaving in and out of traffic at speed on Scotland’s busiest motorway.

Road safety experts have slammed the frightening display of driving that had the potential to cause a very nasty collision.

A Scottish driving instructor has released dash cam footage of the incident, which took place, on April 16 to publicly shame the driver instead of reporting him to the police.

As the clip begins Stewart McNeill, owner of Trailer Training Glasgow, was heading eastbound on the M8 towards Anderston whilst towing a 1.5 ton box trailer when he witnessed the dangerous driving.


The driver of a black Audi A5 undertakes him on the left and immediately pulls in front of him to overtake a Ford Galaxy.

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Seconds later he is seen to undertake a black cab before narrowly avoiding a collision with the taxi when merging directly from lane one to lane three.

The clip was posted online last week with the caption “Another Audi Idiot” and has been viewed over 8,600 times.

Chris Esslemont commented: “Loving all the hate us Audi drivers get… All type of w*****s drive all types of cars.”


Shaunboy Croarkin added: “Ffs giving us Audi drivers a bad name.”

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John-Ross Weir wrote: “That stupid b*****d is the reason there are so many crashes on that f****n M8 PLEASEEEE tell me that his Reggy was clocked and he was heavily fined with 9 points.”

Sandip Ghuman said: “Charing Cross where all the accidents happen cause of d***s like them!”

Speaking today Stewart, 68, from Erskine, said: “This idiot must have thought he was Lewis Hamilton on the race track as he did this fabulous bit of driving – the clip says it all.”


RAC spokesman Simon Williams said: “This is a frightening display of driving which shows complete disregard for everyone else on the road.

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“It would have taken just a slight change of speed or direction from the other vehicles for a potentially very nasty collision to have resulted.”

Police Scotland were unable to comment as the incident had not been reported to them.

Latest figures released by the Department for Transport reveal that the M8 motorway, which connects Edinburgh and Glasgow, is the most dangerous road in Scotland.


In 2017, a total of 354 vehicles were involved in 150 collisions in which 207 people were injured or killed.