Hilarious moment van-driving “superhero” blocks cop speed cameras – then dances across road


Hilarious video shows the moment a worker parks his van behind a police speed camera vehicle – and dances across the road.

The cheeky motorist decided to take revenge on officers trying to catch speeders in Limerick, Ireland.

The video shows him park as close as possible to the back of the police van, blocking its cameras, and then do a celebratory jig as he crosses the road.

The stunt was dreamed up by Duggie Roche, 34, from Kerry, and Conor Harnett, 30, from Limerick, and filmed from a shop on the opposite side of the road.


Duggie, who was driving the van, is seen smiling with glee as he enters the shop and then punches the air with delight.

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The clip has been viewed over 224,000 times and shared almost 2,000 times on Facebook.

Speaking of the idea, Connor, who works with Duggie at C&R Hydraulics, said: “It’s was a spur of the moment thing. We decided to do it and I took the phone out and recorded it.”

Some social media users were praising the pranksters for their work.


Steve Minihane said: “Not all superheroes wear capes.”

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Joe McDonnell wrote: “Good owl Duggie doing the parish proud.”

John Deere commented: “Keep up the good work lad.”

Other users condemned the prank.

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Danny hull wrote: “So when a car drives along above the speed limit and crashes you give can give yourself a big pat on the back.”

Graeme Maher commented: “Helping reduce speeding in a residential area.
If you get done for speeding here you probably deserve it.”

Jason Walsh said: “Oh the irony if he got ran over by a speeding driver.”