Driver of camouflaged van unable to keep his phone undercover


A driver of a camouflaged van was unable to keep his phone undercover as he was spotted texting whilst behind the wheel by an eagle-eyed passenger.

The van, mottled and streaked in green and brown was being driven on the Chapelizod Bypass in Ireland, heading westbound towards Liffey Valley at around 1pm on Saturday (19th).

Amanda Boland decided to record the driver on her mobile phone after she witnessed him weaving across lanes and noticed he had a phone in his hand.

The footage begins as the van driver has slowed down to 60km/h (37mph) and her husband then overtakes.


Once the driver comes into view he quickly becomes aware that he is being watched. He has his left hand on bottom of the steering wheel, and a device believed to be a mobile phone in his right hand.

He looks across and raises his head and acknowledges Mrs Boland.

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Mr Boland can be heard shouting: “She’s filming you.”

The driver shakes his head and briefly holds the device up confirming it is a mobile phone.


Amanda, 47, said today: “The driver didn’t give a s**t.

“As a passenger I see this all the time, we were doing 60km/h at the time and anything could have happened.”

Edmund King, AA president, said: “The driver might think he is hidden in a camouflaged van but his phone is certainly not undercover.

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“According to Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) research, reaction times are twice as long text driving as drink driving but despite this there is still a prevalence of high profile court cases of drivers causing death and serious injuries due to texting, calling or searching for music on their mobile phones while driving.


“Any driver who looks at their phone for just three seconds or so on a motorway would have covered the length of a football pitch without looking at the road ahead.

“This driver needs to lock his phone away in his camouflaged glove box and concentrate on the road ahead.”

Penalties in Ireland are lenient compared to the UK. Drivers caught can expect to receive a €80 (£70) fine and 3 points on their license, compared to £200 (€229) and 6 points.

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A spokesman for Gardaí said: “We do not comment on third party videos or social media posts.


“Anyone who witnesses incident should contact their local Garda Station and report the matter.

“Any reports received will be fully investigated.”