Sainsbury’s investigating after HGV driver recklessly rejoins motorway


Sainsbury’s are investigating after a HGV driver drove the full length of a slip road and then recklessly rejoined the motorway driving over chevrons and grass verge.

The shocking incident happened on January 2nd this year as the M18 meets the M1 in Thurcroft, South Yorkshire.

It appears the driver was not paying attention as he had driven past several road signs and ‘M1 North’ painted on the road in front of him.

Road Safety experts have described it as one of the most heart-stopping pieces of dash cam footage they have ever seen.


David Phillips from Rotherham was driving behind the Sainsbury’s vehicle and captured the dangerous manoeuvre on his dash cam.

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David, 64 said: “I was taking the off slip road to the M1 North and so was the Sainsbury’s truck, but the truck driver then decided he wanted the M1 South.

“As I moved into the right hand lane to overtake, the driver braked and then suddenly swung across to take the M18 again to the M1 South causing me to brake hard and move to the left to avoid a collision.”

RAC spokesman Simon Williams said: “This is one of the most heart-stopping pieces of dash cam footage we have ever seen.


“Those who witnessed it must have been terrified.

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“It’s absolutely amazing that no harm came from such a last-second, dangerous manoeuvre.”

Mr Phillips reported the incident the same day via the Police Witness website and was contacted by an officer from South Yorkshire Police a week later to confirm the vehicle registration number.

He shared the footage on Facebook last week after Police made no attempt to retrieve it.


Clifton Maxwell commented: “I’ve been in that position once or twice, not looking at the road signs correctly or have missed my exit and realised at the last second that I’m about to go the wrong way, but I’ve always gone to the next junction.”

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Rob Buxton wrote: “I’d have been buying new trousers at that point!”

Kyle Scott added: “Bloody hell, it’s a good job you kept a good distance.”

David Haigh said: “How did he make that!”


After viewing the footage a spokesperson for Sainsbury’s said: “We’re looking into this.”

South Yorkshire Police said that they weren’t able to find any record of the incident being reported to them.