Motorist claims his foot got stuck causing him to crash into motorcyclist


A motorist who crashed into a motorcyclist breaking his ribs and writing off his classic motorcycle claims his foot got stuck under the accelerator pedal and he couldn’t stop.

The collision happened heading towards Longbridge on Bristol Road South in Northfield, Birmingham on June 28th last year at around 5.30pm.

James Cater has released his helmet camera footage after solicitors for his insurers closed the case last week.

As the footage begins he exits a service station and seconds later the driver of a Ford Fiesta slams at full force into the side of the 1998 Honda VTR1000 Firestorm.


Office worker James, 41 can be heard shouting “whoa” as the vehicle hits him and he immediately falls sideways onto the road.

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As he gets up he angrily mumbles “Mother f*****” and the man behind the wheel holds his hand up apologetically.

Once he is on his feet he says: “How much time do you need to f****** see me, f****** prick.”

Two passing men help lift the bike that is leaking oil and push it to the side of the road.


As they reach the pavement the driver wearing a red Manchester United football shirt returns from parking his car.

He said: “I’m really sorry mate, my foot got stuck.”

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Police were not informed of the incident therefore the driver did not face any charges.

Speaking today James from Bromsgrove said: “I rode home 7 miles even though the bike had no footpeg and was leaking oil.


“I was concussed and I wasn’t thinking straight as I have full breakdown cover so it could have been recovered.

“The next morning I was still spaced out and in a lot of pain so I went to the Princess Of Wales hospital to get checked over.

“Doctors confirmed I had broke a rib and I was still concussed. I also had loads of other minor bumps and bangs.

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“I’ve since had physio on my back and some other therapies but it can often still be painful.”


Second hand parts to repair the 20-year-old motorcycle were estimated to cost over £1,500 and most would be difficult to source as production ended in 2005.

As it was uneconomical to repair James reluctantly settled for the insurers book price of £1,200 and has since bought a Kawasaki ZX6R B1h.

Less than three weeks later on July 17th a cyclist was struck by a car outside Northfield Fire Station close to the same junction.

The man was taken to hospital with a head injury according to Police.