Conehead driver blocks live lane to buy ice cream from the van behind him


A conehead driver has been caught on camera blocking a live lane of traffic to buy a whippy ice cream from the van behind him.

The bizarre incident happened in Bordesley Green in Birmingham on Tuesday, as a heat wave hit the UK, with temperatures in the West Midlands city reaching 19°C.

Paul Sales was driving behind the unidentified driver of a silver BMW 520 that was desperate for the cool treat.

As the clip begins the driver of the ice cream van joins queuing traffic after serving customers on Bordesley Green East.


Moments later music can be heard playing from the van and the man driving the BMW gets out.

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He gestures to the driver to sell him an ice cream and then they both proceed to the window on the left hand side of the van.

Paul can be heard saying: “You are f***ing joking.”

Drivers in cars behind start honking their horns and overtaking as traffic has now started to move, and the man hurry’s back to his car with his cone and it appears one motorist vents his anger at him through his passenger window.


Paul then overtakes the van and car too and as the clear road ahead comes into view he mutters “F***ing w***er”.

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He uploaded the clip on Friday to Facebook group ‘Bad Drivers Caught on Dashcam’ captioned: “Hi Guys, this is my first upload with the new cam.

“Watch the BMW after I let the Ice Cream van out, yup in the middle of the bloody road I bet thats a first it was for me.”

Graham King said: “Did it say ‘Stop me and buy one’ on the van?”


Shona Kelly commented: “That’s hilarious”.

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Chris White wrote: “Isn’t that classed as holding up the highway?

“He could have pulled right over.”

Amarjit Singh added: “Must have been traffic ahead of him.”


Caroline de Bheir concluded: “Loads of space for the ice cream van to pull to the left, that would have been the responsible thing to do.

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“Rude unaware and selfish.”

Speaking today Paul, 62 from Birmingham said: “Initially I was annoyed as I thought what if a child sees this and ran out into the road, but I later saw the funny side once it was all over.”

The owner of the van Sajid Mahmood was contacted about the incident and he admitted that his driver made an error of judgement.


It may seem logical that eating ice cream on a hot day would help reduce your body temperature, however experts have found that after its initial cooling effect, it is rapidly replaced by heat that is generated by the digestive process.