Magpie under investigation by detectives after concealing evidence in wing mirror


A magpie was the subject of a Police investigation as he returned to the scene of the crime moments after concealing the remains of another animal.

The black and white Eurasian Magpie came to the attention of detectives as he hid the delicacy within the wing mirror of a vehicle parked in Staines Police Station car park.

Detective Inspector Dee Fielding witnessed the crime unfold, and captured video evidence of the bird returning scene to cover his tracks.

The video of the misdemeanour has been viewed over 10,900 times, and shows the Magpie perched on the folded wing mirror, he then uses his wings to balance between the mirror and window as he retrieves the strands of meat.


However his efforts were in vain as he lost his footing when he was about to scarper, and dropped the food landing on the tarmac empty handed.

Sharing the evidence on her twitter account ‘Life of a Detective’ Dee wrote: “I’ve seen it all now. I just watched this Magpie hide the remains of a less fortunate bird in this car mirror in the police station car park!

“As I went to investigate he immediately tried to remove the evidence. Calm as you like…..”

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When asked if there was enough evidence to arrest the Magpie, DI Fielding said: “I need to review it as I can’t just wing it.”


Kate Spelling commented: “Maybe he didn’t want to share the delicacy!”

Kathleen Mannion said: “Caught red-winged.”

Graham Daniel added: “Will the suspect Magpie be up before the Beak soon?”

The Eurasian Magpies are widely considered one of the world’s most intelligent animals, however this one clearly isn’t the brightest trying to hide evidence on Police premises.