Shocking footage shows two professional drivers treat public road as race track


Shocking footage shows two professional drivers treating a public road as a race track in Lambeth South London.

The incident involving a Sainsbury’s home delivery driver and a Royal Mail employee was captured on Clapham Road at 12.36pm on Saturday June 15.

Road Safety experts have compared it to a far-fetched hazard perception test clip due to the amount of hazards presented.

Both drivers of fully liveried company vehicles appear to be racing each as they undertake the camera car at speed.


Moments later the Sainsbury’s driver overtakes on the wrong side of the road another vehicle that is signalling to turn right.

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Vehicles are parked in the bus lane and other motorists trying to park too are causing an obstruction.

Meanwhile the Royal Mail driver narrowly misses a teenager on a scooter and then manages to pass the vehicle turning right and is followed by the scooter.

As the clip ends the Royal Mail vehicle can just be seen in the distance however the Sainsbury’s van is nowhere to be seen.


Tony Andrews the driver of the dash cam car shared the clip to his YouTube channel ‘The London Dash Cam’.

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Tony, 52, who also works as a driver can be heard commenting on the footage he said: “Sainsbury’s, Post Office, how fast do you guys want to go?

“Woah, where’s he going? Where they all going? F***ing hell!”

In response to the clip online ‘1London Witness’ said: “Glad our shopping is delivered by Tesco after seeing that.”


After viewing the footage both firms confirmed they were investigating.

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A Sainsbury’s spokesperson said: “Safety is always our priority and we are investigating this incident.”

Royal Mail said: “We expect the highest standards of behaviour from our people while out on deliveries and collections.

“Royal Mail is investigating this matter and the appropriate action will be taken in this case.”


They added: “Anyone concerned about Royal Mail drivers in the future should contact Royal Mail Customer Services on 03457 740740.”

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Professor Edmund King, AA president, said: “If this clip was part of a hazard perception test it would appear pretty far-fetched due to the number of hazards present and created by poor driving.

“All drivers should drive to the conditions with courtesy and care whilst being totally aware of what is going on around them.

“The drivers involved in this sorry sequence would both have failed that test.”


The Metropolitan Police confirmed that the incident hadn’t been reported to them.