Driving instructor shares footage of cyclists lashing out at motorist for being too close


Shocking footage shared by a driving instructor shows two cyclists lash out at a motorist for being too close and the internet are divided over who is to blame.

The incident happened last Wednesday June 26, at 7pm approx. on Kings Avenue in Brixton South London.

Posting the clip online the DVSA Approved Driving Instructor who wishes to remain anonymous said: “Who’s side are you on?”

The majority of the 255 comments blamed the cyclists for putting themselves in the situation, and it became apparent that their acts of violence had caused the incitement of others.


Glyn said: “The cyclists caused it as they undertook the car, cyclists think they have the moral high ground and can do no wrong – but sadly most are self-opinionated w*****s.”

William wrote: “Cyclists undertaking the car then trying to force the driver to move over into oncoming traffic.

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“If they’d hit my car I would have run them off the road and booted f**k out of them.”

Melvyn commented: “If one of these lycra clad muppets touch my car, I’m gonna turn their bike into scrap metal and fold them.”


Speaking today the instructor added: “In my opinion the cyclists were 100% in the wrong but I do not condone violence.”

However, some of the comments didn’t agree and arguably had valid points as to why not.

Professional HGV driver Mark wrote: “I drive arctic round London, you always have to give way if you see a cyclist. The difference is your driving something that kills, they’re not.

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“They might be a pain, but seriously what is 10 seconds of your day worth?? A trip behind bars and a cyclists’ death on your conscious!! Yeah they are a pain but they have as much rights.


“A lot of cyclist have insurance, some cars don’t pay road tax. Yes more work needs to be done to separate both.

“But if you’re driving in London, that cyclist will prob arrive at his destination 20 minutes before you. So just give way – the law will always back them in this instance.”

Matthew said: “Cyclists have ultimate rights. They are not protected by a car shell. All moving vehicles should give right of way and space as a car.

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“However cyclists should have their own lanes in traffic if they are going to be on the roads.”


Many motorists will have at some point felt jealousy towards cyclists who are able to ride quickly ‘filter’ through the traffic to their destination.

In the context of cycling, ‘filtering’ means moving past slow or stationary traffic, either on the left or the right of the traffic ahead – however neither the law, nor the Highway Code definitively state whether or not filtering by cyclists is legal.

Edmund King, AA president, said “In this case I think the car driver should have given more space to the cyclists as one swerve due to a pothole could have been fatal.

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“It is a narrow street and the cyclists are travelling at pace.


“Having said that we all need to live in harmony on the roads.

“Whilst the driver should have held back, kicking the car probably only exacerbated the situation.”

A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police confirmed that the incident hadn’t been reported them.