Our Affiliate Program

The SWD Media Affiliate programme is the perfect way for you to make some extra cash from home and is as simple as just sharing a link.

If you see a video on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or anywhere for that matter, and you think it interesting, let them know that if they want to make money from their own video – we can sell it for them.

By telling them about us and referring them to us, you will earn 10% commission.

What does this mean in terms of cash for you? Each video referral which we are able to sell will usually earn you a minimum of £2.50 and this will be multiplied by the amount of sales.

It is important to realise that not all videos received will sell for various reasons, but the more videos we are sent via referrals, then the more money you can potentially make.

There is no limit on the number of videos you can refer and no limit on the amount of money you can make and there is no cost to join our referral programme.

Interested? If so, click here to register and check your inbox for your unique referral link.

You must use your full Affiliate URL with ID at the end for any referral to be logged.

Please Note: Referral payments will not be made if you submit your own content, however if sold you will eligible for a licensor share payment.