SWD Media exclusively manage your video and sell to National Press, Online Media outlets and Television.

Why should I use SWD Media to distribute my content?

Unlike some of our competitors, we will pay you. We believe that if you have captured footage of something which can make money, you should be rewarded for that. That would be like somebody giving paints and a blank canvas to Pablo Picasso, asking him to paint something and then taking it back, selling it and giving him nothing – that would be unfair. Click here to start making money from your content today!

Will SWD Media own the copyright if I sign the agreement?

No! You will always retain this. Unlike some of our competitors, we believe you should always own the copyright to your own content and this will never change. We ask you to sign an exclusive agreement with us, and by signing this agreement you are giving us the rights to sell your video on your behalf in exchange for a 50/50 split.

Why do I need to sign an exclusive agreement?

There are no benefits to more than one company distributing your content. Also, it makes it harder to identify which publications we should charge for using your content. It’s possible they may have obtained it from another company you also gave permission to, and thus this could mean less income for you overall.

I don’t own the video, but it would sell – can I still sell it via SWD Media?

No, we cannot sell videos unless they are submitted by the copyright holder.

I don’t have have any content but I run a Facebook page/group that deals with funny videos. Can I sell those via SWD Media?

If you are not the copyright holder then we are afraid you cannot, however we have an affiliate program that you can register for. We obtain permission directly from the copyright holder and pay you 10% of all sales generated via your unique affiliate link.

The more content submitted by your members the more money you can make – click here to register now!

I don’t want any payment, but can my share be donated to charity instead?

Absolutely! We will send your share payment to whoever you want, either directly to you or to a charity of your choice – just let us know and we will take care of it.